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I have been working with Ecoprintq for about a year now and I am very pleased with them. They are professional and know Papercut well. They are always ready to help and quick to respond with a solid and reliable solution. I look forward to working with them now and in the future. Yea Team ecoprintQ.

- David Broussard, SIT Graduate Institute/Worldlearning Inc.

Our university library was searching for an easy way for students to make copies/prints without having to feed coins into a machine or bother library staff. We discovered ecoprintQ via another local university in the Kansas City area. We were somewhat skeptical about using a firm out of Florida but Alfredo and his staff were superb in providing service and tech service. Our IT guys were very pleased with their help and links to assist in installation. Great company to work with.

- Dennis Ferguson, International House of Prayer University, IHOPU

Working with ecoPrintQ on our Papercut MF deployment has been fantastic. The staff at ecoPrintQ possess a high level of technical knowledge with Papercut and provide excellent customer service. Our environment presented some very unique challenges, and ecoPrintQ has always been able to provide solutions that made the implementation much easier. I would highly recommend ecoPrintQ to anyone looking to implement Papercut or Papercut MF.

- Charles Hucks, Richland School District Two

As a small private college we needed a print control software that wouldn't be a burden to the technical department (1 person) and a large dollar investment. PaperCut MF has been the perfect solution in both areas. What a blessing! The price is amazing and the setup is incredibly fast and simple. Adding funds to students accounts is a snap and the students enjoy the freedom of being able to print when they want and where they want. It has been running trouble free for almost a year now. Thank you PaperCut! Keep up the good work and may God bless you.

- Cameron, Frontier School of the Bible

After installing the PaperCut Product on our server and deploying to our lab computer(Macs and PCs) we had many questions regarding different configuration options available. Papercut forward my info to EcoprintQ and they contacted me very quickly and answered all my questions. Several times I ran into some configuration issues and the EcoprintQ Support Team was available and very helpful. Thanks so much guys, I am very pleased with your service and your high standards.

- Cesar Torres, University School of Milwaukee

As an Eco-Partner and AVR of PaperCutMF I wanted to thank you for all your assistance…really! I will forward your efforts and prompt responses to my team as a testimony of your partner support. This is very important to my team and company as a reseller of PaperCut Solutions.

- Wally Bentz, RJ Young Company, Nashville, Tennessee

Our experience with PaperCut, and with staff we interfaced with for the installation and ongoing support has been outstanding. The product has performed as well or better than was presented to us during our sales consultations. The level of support and customer service has exceeded our expectations. I have already highly recommended to other organizations both the product and the services of MJ Print Control / ecoprintQ.

- Dr. Marty Crossland, Associate Vice President for Technology, MidAmerica Nazarene University

James Madison University offers pay-to-print service to nearly 20,000 students at 35 locations across campus. During 2011, JMU selected the PaperCut MF system to replace an older deprecated product. We were initially apprehensive about selecting a product with no CS Gold gateway, but after live product trials we decided to contract with PaperCut to produce the new gateway. We also requested several other modifications so the transition from our existing system would appear nearly seamless to our students. The PaperCut developers were attentive, flexible, and met all deadlines. PaperCut MF and the CS Gold gateway have worked flawlessly since going live . Although PaperCut MF is very capable with a nearly exhaustive menu of canned reports, we have leveraged its cross-platform support, multi-vendor database compatibility, scripting, and open API to easily extend the product's print management and reporting capabilities. In our experience, PaperCut MF is easy to install, configure, troubleshoot, and maintain. It has thus far proven stable, versatile, and accurate.

- Eddie, James Madison University - USA

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