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Xerox Embedded

Xerox Embedded enables tracking, monitoring and charging of copying, faxing and scanning additionally to providing secure print release when users authenticate at the device.(Note: Print control is performed as a printer on the network, no release from MFD display list available.)

PaperCut integrates with Xerox MFDs in two ways:

Funtionality & Requirements

MFD Xerox Display Interface

Integrating your Copier Multifunction Device using PaperCut Embedded Applications provides many features and benefits for Walk-up Copies, faxes and scans, such as:

The embedded solution interacts with the PaperCut server using a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and web services based protocols.


PaperCut is a single integrated solution where copier usage is managed together with network printing all in one system. Users have a single account and administrators have the same level of administration for all services.

Leverage your existing single sign-on infrastructure by allowing users to log in with the same username and password used elsewhere on the network. No need to remember and maintain multiple logins!

Xerox Secure Access Authentication Windows

Xerox Network Accounting

Xerox Network Accounting or Xerox Secure Access Authentication Window

Device access

Protect your valuable Xerox MFDs from usage by unauthorized staff or visitors or limit expensive color copying to selected members of your organization.

Group memberships in your user directory can serve as a basis for fine-grained access control.

Flexibility to Charge Accounts

The Xerox embedded solution offers the same level of tracking copying as PaperCut does for printing. Each job may be allocated to a shared account that may represent a department, project or client.

Users are configured once and are provided with a consistent experience for both network printing and off-the-glass MFP use.

Charging to a shared account while printing from a workstation

Charging to a shared account while copying

Follow Me and Secure Print

Only available Xerox MFDs supporting XSA and HID Network Card Reader. Follow Me Print also known as Find Me printing provides users with the option to use any multi-function device, an environment where users send the jobs to a single virtual global queue and then they walk up and log on to any Xerox Secure Access with a Network Card Reader nearby to have ALL their print job pulled from the global queue and printed on the spot. Note: AUTO Fast Release of print jobs is only available on Xerox devices using a Network Card Reader (HID) with the PaperCutMF Xerox Secure Access Option. Users do not see a list of jobs on the display; instead ALL prints jobs in the Global Queue for the user are released after authentication.

Release methods include:

  • Automatic release on log in with HID (Xerox Secure Access Only)
  • Secure release (When using HID Readers with Xerox secure Access Only)

Track and control copying

Track faxing and scanning

Reporting and management

PaperCut offers more than 50 standard reports. Reports detail copying, printing or consolidated view. Highlights include:

Supported devices

Xerox Secure Access:

  • Xerox devices supporting Xerox Secure Access-XSA and EIP.
  • Check the list of devices supporting Xerox Secure Access (Click here for access to the list. and select the "Compatible Products" tab/section).
  • Alternatively, check for "Xerox Secure Access" support in the device web interface (Properties->Security->Authentication->Login Type)

Xerox Network Accounting:

  • Xerox Devices supporting Xerox Network Accounting/JBA and off-box authentication.
  • Network Accounting is also known as JBA or Job-based accounting.
  • This is supported on all recent devices and sometimes requires an additional module to be ordered from Xerox to enable.


Network accounting:

  • Requires Xerox Network Accounting Module installed/enabled with off-box authentication feature included. (Network Accounting is also known as JBA or Job-based accounting.)

Xerox Secure access:

  • Requires Xerox Network Accounting Module installed/enabled.
  • Xerox devices must support Xerox Secure Access and EIP.

Xerox Reader Compatibility supported devices:

  • WC 53xx software - Version 53.10.52 or higher
  • WC 7120 software - Version 71.3.0 or higher
  • WC 71xx software - Version 75.3.0 or higher
  • WC 51xx software - Version
  • WC 56xx software - SBC Version
  • WC 51xx software - Version
  • WC 56xx software - SBC Version
  • WC 56xx software - MBC Version
  • WC 57xx software - Version
  • WC 6400 software - Version
  • WC 75xx software - Version
  • WC 77xx software - Version
  • CQ 87xx / 89xx software - Version
  • CQ 93xx software - Version
Funtionality Network Accounting Secure Access
Follow Me (Auto Release at Login)
Follow Me (Release from List)
Card Reader Integration (i.e. HID)
ID # Only display authentication
Card Only authentication
Card + PIN authentication
Self-association of Card w/user
Track Faxing
Track USB Printing
Track Scanning (i.e. to email, to USB)
Auto Populate email when scanning (FROM address)
Auto Populate email when scanning (TO address)
Customizable Display Logos / Colors
Restrict Color Copying
Zero Stop
Share Acct selection from List
Share Acct keyword search
Share Acct selection by code/PIN
Security Rating
(Based on Best Practice 1-5)
3 4
Device Extra License needed Network Acct (JBA) Network Acct (JBA)

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