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Características de PaperCut:

PaperCut Application Comparison

What it does Print control ONLY/Payment Gateways.

Print and Internet Quota charging, tracking and monitoring application designed to promote the responsible use of IT resources. It's a premium cross-platform solution specifically designed to meet the needs of schools, universities and other organizations. Implementations range from silent monitoring, quota control to user-pays systems. PaperCut NG leads the way with innovative features

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What it does Copy-FAX-SCAN Control/ Secure Print Release/ MFD Tracking/ Cost Recovery/ Hardware to Recharge Accounts/ Payment Gateways.

Extend the print, capture, billing and charge capabilities of PaperCut NG to a self-serve environment where users may add value to accounts using integrated hardware, enabling organizations of any size to manage all copying, faxing, scanning and printing produced across their entire multifunctional copier and printer fleets using a single

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Supported Platforms

PaperCut NG and MF difference chart

Categories PaperCut NG PaperCut MF
Supports printers control (network or local printer)
Supports all major operating systems
Unlimited printers at no extra charge
Supports printing control to networked MFDs
Track and control off-glass usage (copy, fax, scan).
Can use ID cards on MFDs for authentication
Supports fast release with ID card (i.e. HID, Swipe)
Supports secure print release and find-me/pull printing
PRS only
Support for 3rd party payment hardware (e.g. kiosk and pay-stations)
License cost by number of users
License cost by device running embedded software
Self-download an trial (40-days)
Support for online payment gateways
Mobile print release from wireless phones or tablets
Software technical support required
New software versions included (w/support packages)

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