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EcoprintQ, Inc. (EcoprintQ)

EcoprintQ, is a certified PaperCut Authorized Solution Center servicing all of North and South America.

EcoprintQ pilots unprecedented Customer Service entrenched in dynamic Technical support for today's Print-Scan-Fax-Copy Management Applications. EcoprintQ is a bi- lingual Organization with over a decade of extrapolating market resources, multifaceted leader with a vast experience in management solutions addressing your growing technology needs.

PaperCut MF Copier/MFD Control - Certified Provider

As a Certified PaperCut Solution Center Representative , EcoprintQ provides:

Our EcoprintQ/PaperCut emblem is a metaphor for today -- a vibrant Tree of Life with its roots firmly grounded, well established. Its branches are Papercut Applications reaching high and wide beyond the gleam of light. It is here that our Dealer Partners and Universities, Colleges, and independent businesses large or small brandish prosper in one green symbiotic relationship within this family tree. Envisioned for all the members we serve is our daily reverence for a collective excellence -- not merely factory work - but of what can be.

Under this mighty canopy lies a hybrid of grand clients - some of the largest universities in the United States, to small-yet-mighty - such as a small Real Estate Firm with five employees. At one Goliath patron Miami Dade College-MDC, PaperCut fuels a teaming 500K Users database strong, from one central location, communicating across nine campuses throughout South Florida. Additionally noteworthy, prestigious Nova Southeastern University's Application capabilities transcend across an expansive 2,000 Workstations intricate web laced to such remote locals as, Puerto Rico and the Bahamas NSU's Campuses from one PaperCut Application Server.

Because these Academic Institutions and businesses big and small are logistically vast and highly tiered with relentless demands within the confines of an operational 24/7 work week, all thirst for sophisticated rich information implementing secure-backed technology that speaks daily to their individual students, administrators, patrons and Users.

It is here that reliably strong, reliably efficient, reliably tested, and prominently secure PaperCut Applications release print documents that implement your regulated policies. These highly engineered Application features enhance increase volume output and redirect healthy expansion to better serve your ever-evolving needs. Additionally Applications streamline overall budget costs; implement tracking data; and unilaterally and ever so lightly etch a responsible and paperless carbon footprint.

PaperCut Software International, LTD (PaperCut):

Today managing print and copy resources globally within hundreds of countries, within literally thousands of organizations, PaperCut Software is the "PaperCut NG" and "PaperCut MF" Print and Copy Management Applications leader. Launched in 1998 as OSCURA, PaperCut Software Incorporated in 2004. By 1999, PaperCut Software delivered its first Print Quota Application for schools and universities with solid reviews. By the Millennium, PaperCut entered the Enterprise Market with the PaperCut Client Bill.

Today PaperCut Software continues to captain with its elite team of founding Software Development Network Engineers. All Developers are Technology Visionaries, passionate to explore new worlds, charting and celebrating new alliances. PaperCut Software believes that this fertile relationship with their customer tree is the mother of invention. On the spectrum, new galaxies await.

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