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Elatec Reader HID

The  Elatec Reader HID is available for institutions looking for an optional and efficient way to authenticate on the system without typing their traditional credentials username and password. Also it can be used on institutions that already have ID cards for other purposes (access control, internal payments, etc).

Top Functionality:

The Elactec Reader HID is today an affordable device available for market savvy institutions looking for an optional way to authenticate their user on the PaperCut system. They can provide the “Fast Release” and "Secure Release" functionalities in addition to the PaperCut username and password authentication, providing to the users and efficient and convenient way to login into the system.

The Elatec Reader HID comes from family of TWN3 RFID transponder readers. They are designed for easy integration into various applications. In order to achieve the maximum of flexibility, it is based on a modular design and combines a state-of-the-art reading performance. The device supports either USB or RS232 communication just in dependence on the connection cable.

Common Locations:

  • College and University Computer Courtyards
  • Media Centers and Public Libraries
  • Student Copy - Print Centers
  • Institutions with ID card for other purposes


Elatec HID Reader
Height: 3.5”
Width: 2.2”
Depth: 0.7”
Weight:  0.7oz
Network Connectivity:
TCP/IP via TCPConverter
Material ABS UL94-V0, color black or white
Power Supply:
5V ± 10% via communication cable USB
Aircoil, PCB Aircoil
R/W Distance:
up to 4" (depending of transponder)
Host interface:
USB or RS232
Communication Parameters:
USB: Full speed (12 Mbit)
RS232: 9600 Baud, 8N1 (Default)
Modes of Operation:
USB keyboard emulation
USB virtual COM port (bi-directional communication)
Direct access to build-in RFID module (transparent mode)