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VCC Alpha

Control access and integrate your copy/print operation with the VCC Alpha Controller interfacing through a complete online solution powered by PaperCutMF. The VCC Alpha Touch Screen Controller (VCC-Alpha) connects directly with the PaperCutMF Application Server to validate user accounts using XML over HTTP communication via encrypted SSL connection.

Top Functionality:

The Alpha Touch Screen Controller (VCC Alpha) integrates  with the PaperCutMF Application to control document output from Laser Printers, Copiers and MFD Equipment in office, Academic Institutions, and Public Library Environments.

Users log-in using their account credentials or by swiping their ID Card for Card Number Authentication against the PaperCutMF Central Data Base. This enables the copier, print or MFD and charges the job to the user’s PaperCutMF Account.


  • Integrated 2 port 10/100 Ethernet
  • Static IP, DHCP, DNS Server compliant
  • Remote upgrade utility


  • 320 x 240 touch screen panel
  • Copier interface attaches to all major equipment brands
  • Optional input reader devices include ABA track 2 Magnetic card reader, Mifare and a variety of barcode symbologies
  • Combination reader options include ABA card and barcode, ABA card and Mifare barcode with various Mifare or HID proximity reader


  • Barcode scanner mounting Sturdy pedestal, includes neat cable routing system to prevent damage


  • Touch screen display enables easy access to print jobs and a better user interface.
  • Debug Mode allows screen contrast adjuntment, Copier Interface test, PING to server and card reader test
  • Robust ABS Case is ideal for public access environment.
  • Drill Down Menu allows for billing to departments, users, job codes, etc.
  • Enables tracking of color, duplex and different media size output from most modern multifunction devices.
  • Permits secure printing environment, users pick up their jobs at the moment it is release. "Follow Me Printing" integration allows user to decide different locations for release.
  • Remote access to update the unit easily and with cero disruption of services.