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ID Cards Readers

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Elatec Reader HID

The  Elatec Reader HID is available for institutions looking for an optional and efficient way to authenticate on the system without typing their traditional credentials username and password. Also it can be used on institutions that already have ID cards for other purposes (access control, internal payments, etc).

TCP Converter

The TCPConv is available for institutions looking add the possibility of use authentication card readers on printers that do not directly connect the reader.

TCPConv wraps a device, which is equipped with a USB- or RS232-interface into your local area network (LAN). A typical application is the extension of a network device (i.e. a network printer), by a local peripheral device. On PaperCut we can use it in the implementation of “Fast Release” feature, also as another method of authentication for users on printers.

RFIDeas HID Reader

RF IDeas HID card readers are designed for customers seeking to leverage their existing card system for applications beyond physical security. Engineered to work with nearly all proximity technologies, pcProx readers provide error-free identification for over 300 million physical access proximity cards worldwide. Featuring plug-n-play functionality, no required software, and embedded configurable flash memory, the reader is ready to integrate with nearly all operating systems, applications, and embedded controllers.

RFIDeas HID Network Reader

RFIDeas HID Network Reader. Product available, full description coming soon. Please contact us for more information.

RFIDeas pcSwipe

The RFIdeas pcSwipe card reader is a cost-effective and efficient solution for customers wanting to leverage their existing base of magnetic stripe card-carrying personnel. This reader is compatible with the billions of magnetic stripe cards in circulation worldwide.